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Best place to grab a bowl of soup (2006 IFFA) Münchner Suppenküche Mar
The Müchner Suppenküche is an institution in town probably just as much as the well known Hofbräuhaus, but certainly much less touristy – a must see if you ever end up in Munich…
31536000 seconds online d:d is turning one! Mar
…or a fully year. Cool. But it would have been only half the fun without you! So first off, I’d like to Thank You for being part of delicious:days, for all of your comments, suggestions and corrections!
Enough is enough is enough Enough is enough is enough Mar
I’m stuck. Can’t find our car, can’t use the bike. This weather is killing me! Can’t argue about its beauty -in some ways- but I’m so done with it…
Next generation Bircher Müesli Bircher Müesli Mar
Here is Dagi’s yummy recipe from the Bob Ross Sunday brunch. Besides all the other wonderful food at our friends’ place, I was completely hooked on her delicious creation. I was having a second, third, fourth and fifth helping – yep, that was me. I was trying to be sly about it,…