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Goodbye Käsespätzle Käsespätzle Mar
The cold winter months seem to have finally come to an end, making room for warmer weather. Thank god. The flip side of the coin is that many of my favorite wintry dishes will -naturally- be superseded by spring/summer recipes. And they indeed are lurking behind the corner, waiting to boot perfect comfort food such as Käsespätzle…
Cantucci... Cantuccini... Biscotti...? Cantuccini Mar
It seems that everyone is so used to referring to these double backed treats as biscotti, but they really go by cantuccini, as all cookies are biscotti in Italian. So what? Exactly. They’re so good, who cares anyway…?
Digital meets Print Digital meets Print Mar
Not so long ago we received an invitation by GRÄFE UND UNZER (publishing house) to join a book lauch event in the center of Munich. GRÄFE UND UNZER, in case you haven’t heard of them before, have been market leader for cookbooks in Germany for over thirty years now – always known for down to earth, comprehensible and no-fuss cookbooks.
Torrone - A sticky affair Torrone Mar
My fault. The thought of making my very own torrone (almond nougat) was so intriguing, I couldn’t wait for N. to join me on this and jumped in at the deep end.