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My musical self - A food blog going astray... Music, Music & more Music Feb
…or maybe not? At any rate, I haven’t been paying due attention to the music part of my tagline. Can’t believe I have been neglecting something that is so dear to my heart: Ever since my coming out I’ve been a known as a cookbook addict, but my spending habits concerning CD’s is probably just as bad!?
Bob Ross Brunch Mini Pizza Feb
Sure, his pieces aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (you certainly wouldn’t find one in our apartment). However, what surely can’t be argued about is the fact that Mr. Ross was one of a kind character on public television who…
Burnt Caramel Pots de Crème Burnt Caramel Pots de Crème Feb
Where is the sun? Weather has been pretty awful over the last weeks, perhaps an early indication for moody April weather? Unlike other parts of Bavaria, Munich didn’t get tons of snow – but…
The secret of life is... Tomato Tartlet Feb
…butter! With this line, the movie had already made up for a few over-the-top stereotypical peculiarities. The flick “Last Holiday” (silly title, who was the genius?) we got…