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Pink Pasta (IMBB no.22) Ravioli Rossi Jan
I’m a sucker for everything color and always have been. So when Amy over at Cooking with Amy announced the theme for this month’s IMBB, I was a hundred percent positive about one thing: The pasta I’d make would have to come in a nice and bright tone.
Wasabi Peas at Volksgarten Wasabi Peas Jan
It took us a little bit to figure these here out. Crunchy green, small marbles that look so beautiful you wouldn’t think of them as being such a taste bud teaser. Sorry, the title killed the punch line,…
Euro-Blogging By Post no.3 Euro-Blogging By Post no.3 Jan
I don’t like the German postal service, it’s even fair to say that I despise it. How can they so consistently and successfully press my buttons so well? Everything they could possibly do wrong or even wreck, they have accomplished over the last years that we have been living in Munich.
Baby, it's cold outside! Caramel Apples Jan
Frrrrreezingly cold. But sunny and a perfect day for a short walk through Haidhausen and the nearby “Englischer Garten”. The latter, a perfect spot all year around for running, walking or simply people and (better yet) dog watching.