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Merry Christmas or Who needs raisins Quarkstollen Dec
I grew up in a family of raisin lovers: Milk chocolate with hazelnuts and raisins, Pilaf, Apple-Strudel, Milirahmstrudel, Apple crumble with raisins, raisins covered in chocolate, various cakes, Christmas-Stollen and cookies and many more – I had a pretty hard time avoiding those little vulgarities.
Late night culinary entertainment Monkfish on Wild Rocket Dec
Feeling a bit under the weather lately – the weather forecast was pretty much right on with forecasting a last minute white Christmas or in other words: it’s been cold, cold, cold – I spent Friday night…
Vanillekipferl Vanillekipferl Dec
With everything going on at work currently I totally feel left out from all the fun baking a myriads of cookies and sweet somethings. I can’t believe I’ve only made four different sorts of cookies and not only is time running out, but…
Snack Time: Pomegranate & Pistachio Yogurt Pomegranate & Pistachio Yoghurt Dec
The Greek yoghurt I found in my fridge looked like the way to go – now how healthy Greek yoghurt exactly is, may be debatable but it sounded mighty healthy to me and at the same time has got a great taste, too.