Archive for May, 2005
Blueberry Buttermilk Panna Cotta panna cotta May
…I gave our very own basic recipe for panna cotta a little colorful twist. Some weeks ago I bought frozen blueberries, didn’t have immediate use for them and was looking for a suitable recipe since. Quite a few possibilities crossed my mind…
The thing with kids and waffles and strawberries waffles May
How to win kids hearts over? Easy. What “did the trick” last time we went over to a long time friend and his family with two kids, was to bring waffles & strawberries. Although we can’t claim to have our own kids yet, we understand …
On Cookbooks cookbooks May
Apart from the stacks of post-it like notes the cookbooks photographed are only the ones that ganged together, single ones that are scattered all over the place…
Potato Soup - spiced up! Potato Soup May
‘Didn’t want to invest much time, so I thought of my quick all-time favorite soup, made out of potatoes and zucchini. The funny thing about potato soup and me is, that my Mom used to make potato soup once…