No Mi Ya - California Rolls & Antlers
May 26th, 2005

Wheat beer or sake? The owners of No Mi Ya (Haidhausen, Wörthstr. 7) – an original Bavarian character (Ferdl) who runs it jointly with an outstanding Japanese cook (Toshi) – have accomplished the almost unimaginable: they combined Japanese and Bavarian styles and cuisines into a great medley.

No Mi Ya

The ambience is kept in a rather puristic Japanese sushi restaurant style, however, with a certain Bavarian pub touch to it. So don’t be surprised looking at impressing antlers hanging from the walls, while enjoying your yakitori and maki rolls. If you are lucky and able to snatch a seat at the food bar, you can see Toshi prepare your order directly in front of your eyes as well as on the grill, which is located a little further in the back. Prices are more than reasonable, especially considering it’s great location in the heart of Haidhausen. The repertoire includes tasty little appetizers and various sushi. But the real crowd-pleasers are their different vegetables/meat/fish variations on wooden skewers – freshly marinated and roasted on the grill. The butterfish-skewer is a must-try! They even sell more uncommon variations, for instance with kangaroo… And not to forget the Asian desserts with green tea.

Reservations for larger groups are definitely a must, as this place has limited capacity and quickly gets packed. I would think that 50 or so people already will make this place pretty crowded. Lots of locals there, generally a rather relaxed crowd in their twenties to mid-thirties, often with kids. When the temperatures allow it, you’ll find some tables outside. In case you have to wait to get seated, having a Kirin at the small bar will help to make the wait fly by…

On rare occasions (it happened to us, when we took our parents our for sushi) the Bavarian owner demonstrated an interesting choice of music, which for the unaccustomed ear, was quite an experience (we remember sounds of marching bands on that late summer afternoon…). Service in general is good and quite attentive. No Mi Ya has been in Haidhausen now for some years – it has become a constant, which truly reflects a rather laid-back Haidhausen way of life.


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