Is that us?
April 24th, 2005

Wow! This is astounding…having moved up the ladder, from passive but massive [food-blog] reading to writing our own little culinary column, the Internet moves at hyperspeed…

Update: Just received a sweet note from Carole…
d:d featured on netdiver

Apart from positive feedback, comments and short articles such as
I was just really very hungry.
Delicious Biting
thomas gigold | tbfkagn*
WordPress Start
Chili und Ciabatta
Kulinarische Notizen für Genießer
the red kitchen
Too many chefs – Das kulinarische Verzeichnis
Kulinarische Notizen für Genießer – Ein Samstagmorgen in München
Sensory Output
Food and Thoughts
Seattle Bon Vivant
Little Fancies
Just a taste
Steven Rudmann

we’d also like to thank everybody for linking to :)


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