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March 6th, 2005

Since midst of last year, I’m hooked. Hooked on great coffee that is. Now after almost 8 months I can surely record that there was life before Arabica beans and life with them. A much more enjoyable one I should add. Being used to order my coffee to-go or having it inbetween layovers in airport lounges – at best in *bugs type chains – getting to know Harry and his fine selection of hand picked Arabica coffee beans opened up a new era.cupocoffee
So now I’m hooked on it. Indian Cherry, his gateway drug, Mysore with a minty touch, sometimes being difficult (Harry knows), Bababudans or Haiti – your choice. By the way, if he can, he will talk you out of taking your coffee to-go. For a reason. Believe me, it’s an entirely different experience having your coffee served in a proper glass. And while you’re enjoying a Cortado -my favourite- he’ll tell you all about coffee and why it is different brewing coffee on a rainy day vs. on a sunny day.
I can also highly recommend the various pastries and home-made brownies (chef in charge here is Kristin, who does a wonderful job), well, just like anything else. Everything is made fresh daily. If you happen to come by on a Thursday or Friday, chances are you might snatch a portion of his famous chilli bean soup. Yes, he does take orders the night before :-) Anyway, if you’re ever around in the neighborhood, check this place out, it’s a gem. (Really, for me the best thing about it is that it is right across the street. So it is already considered our “extended” living room…Thanks Harry!)

PS: On a last note, I hope I can talk Harry into writing a special feature sometime. Illustrating some of his daily experiences being the owner of a comfy coffee shop. Every so often getting funny questions such as “Do you also sell coffee?” – Hm.

cupocoffe in munich
Where: Munich, Haidhausen, Preysingstr. 42
Opening Hours: 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday


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