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Grandma Salazar's Tamales Tamales Mar
When Nicky asked if I would mind sharing my Grandma Salazar’s recipe for tamales with d:d readers, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes!” In our family, Grandma’s tamales are like gold, and if you don’t like tamales before you’ve had hers, you will likely convert after you do…
Cookbooks - fresh from the press cookbooks Mar
Sometimes months go by and non of the cookbooks that pass through my hands make my heart jump for joy. This is not to say that those books are bad – they are not – there’s just nothing extraordinary about them, nothing that makes them stand out from the crowd. Then,…
When chicory found its destiny Chicory Mar
I successfully missed to hear that inner little voice, assuring me that chicory is probably not what I wanted and besides it has never been a regular in our kitchen. Back home and in need of a quick dinner fix, the three heads gave me a little headache until… until I thought of bacon…
Am I sharp or what?! Mar
A new discovery.
Foodblogging - Do's and Don'ts Do's and Don'ts Mar
With two years of food blogging experience on our backs today, we felt it was time for a little reflection, a compilation of the most important do’s and don’ts of foodblogging. Some are obvious and relate to blogging in general, others may not be, and I’m sure there are some you’ll think…
Empty shelves & chocolate nibbles Chocolate nibbles Mar
Help came from leftovers of milk chocolate coating and ordinary cookies, I usually give little “time of day” to: broken in bits and pieces, covered in molten chocolate and decorated with coconut flakes…