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Lisbon revisited Lisbon May
After our rainy Salzburg trip we’ve been checking the weather forecast frantically – not that it would have made much of a difference – but it sure looks like the weather
Woodruff? Woodruff! Woodruff Panna Cotta May
Ever tried sweet woodruff? It just recently found its way in our apartment again, immediately permeating our kitchen and senses with its rich fragrance, a scent somewhere between…
How to turn rhubarb pink How to turn rhubarb pink May
When rhubarb is paired with strawberries, the color problem is usually squared away and turns the whole combination into something red. Frozen raspberries in our freezer triggered a thought: why not…
Ikarus Ikarus May
Being on your way to Hangar-7 can mean one of three things: either you’re into air planes, love art or are a foodie par excellance. In any event, you’re up for something memorable!
Salzburg - Mozart and beyond... Salzburg May
Set against an impressive mountain backdrop Salzburg is a beautiful spot and luckily only about an hour drive away from Munich. The birthplace of Mozart (it’ll be his 250th birthday this year) offers a wonderfully preserved
Kirschenmichel - IMBB no.25 Kirschenmichel May
Although this dish is typically made out of stale bread rolls, we had bought brioche and deliberately left there on the counter getting totally dry over the last 72 hours…well, to some extend a perverted approach – but hey for a good cause, right?!