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Transatlantic Food Connection Part II Landersdorfer & Innerhofer Jun
Not beholden to any specific cuisine, sometimes with an Italian emphasis but generally open to a broader spectrum of influences – always imaginative, Landersdorfer & Innerhofer surprises with a every course.
Transatlantic Food Connection Part I Seehaus Jun
Owning a little space in their hearts, Munich had them back for a short while – combining business and leisure, we had plenty of time to revisit some of the places and restaurants they became fond of. So here is our culinary trail, part I:
White Mousse Au Chocolat - as simple as it gets White Mousse Au Chocolat Jun
I haven’t had white mousse au chocolat for a while. Actually for way too long. Perhaps I’m the only person who prefers white over brown mousse au chocolate, at least no one I know sees it my way.