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On Cookbooks cookbooks May
Apart from the stacks of post-it like notes the cookbooks photographed are only the ones that ganged together, single ones that are scattered all over the place…
Potato Soup - spiced up! Potato Soup May
‘Didn’t want to invest much time, so I thought of my quick all-time favorite soup, made out of potatoes and zucchini. The funny thing about potato soup and me is, that my Mom used to make potato soup once…
Cool Grapes Red Grapes May
So simple, yet it had never crossed my mind to try this out. Reading Debbie’s article on frozen grapes and her rave review of their texture and taste, we literally dove for the grapes…
First Summer Weekend Hofbräukeller - Beer Garden May
It is this time of year when all the various beer gardens and almost-beer-gardens are opening their doors to embrace the first groups of Bavarian culture carrier. In other words it’s officially beer garden time, including roasted chicken, radish and “Obatzda” (cheese mix) with Brez’n (pretzels) and of course lots of high quality beer.
Chicken Sesame Salad Ingredients May
But then of cources it is also about food. Last years contribution was this Chicken Sesame Salad and the feedback hab been, mh let’s say pretty positive ;)