Archive for May, 2005
Honey Yoghurt Pistachio Ice Cream Honey Yoghurt Pistachio Ice Cream May
Now that summer seems to have finally arrived, our craving for ice cream is at an all-time high. When we usually give in, a sorbet involving a good portion of sugar (for the molasses) is the typical choice.
No Mi Ya - California Rolls & Antlers No Mi Ya May
The owners of No Mi Ya (Haidhausen, Wörthstr. 7) – an original Bavarian character (Ferdl) who runs it jointly with an outstanding Japanese cook (Toshi) – have accomplished the almost unimaginable…
Smoked Trout Mousse - IMBB no.15 Smoked Trout May
Inspired by the memories of a wonderful smoked salmon mousse dish we had on our last years vacation, we already had planted the seed for this IMBB entry. Good for us that one part of Nicky’s family…
How an ugly Ugli spoiled SHF no.8 Ugli May
No, they certainly aren’t the prettiest fruits on earth, but its said that the taste would make up for it plenty. So how do know you pick the right one…
Blueberry Buttermilk Panna Cotta panna cotta May
…I gave our very own basic recipe for panna cotta a little colorful twist. Some weeks ago I bought frozen blueberries, didn’t have immediate use for them and was looking for a suitable recipe since. Quite a few possibilities crossed my mind…
The thing with kids and waffles and strawberries waffles May
How to win kids hearts over? Easy. What “did the trick” last time we went over to a long time friend and his family with two kids, was to bring waffles & strawberries. Although we can’t claim to have our own kids yet, we understand …