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Korma Curry - Shortcut to great Curry Mar
Quick, 25 minute recipe for great Curry. Don’t get misled, this is not only the standard off-the-shelf Korma Curry, but a spiced up one.
Just 15 Minutes - Spaghetti with Lime and Shrimps Spagetti with Lime and Shrimps Mar
I opened the fridge and catched sight of some delicious antipasti we got at our favorite stand at Viktualien Market: shrimps in garlic oil. So I decided to do a little variation of one of our favorite pasta dishes.
cup o coffee - looking for great coffee? cupocoffee Mar
Since midst of last year, I’m hooked. Hooked on great coffee that is. Now after almost 8 months I can surely record that there was life before Arabica beans and life with them.