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Happy Easter!! Mozartkugeln Mar
Easter family get-togethers are great. For one, it’s always good to see your family, but also Easter bunnies bring a lot of chocolate. We’ll skip the dressing up part this time, however, we decided to make a box of chocolates. Chocolate marzipan truffles or our version of Mozartkugeln…
Kaiserschmarrn Kaiserschmarrn Mar
I’ve always had a thing for this original Austrian dessert and tried innumerable times to make it as good as the ones we for example had at the Wirtshaus in der Au. A traditional Bavarian restaurant, with a very good local cuisine.
Rue des Halles Rue des Halles Mar
Just recently, we heard that – after more than 10 years of offering wonderful French cuisine – our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood will now be closed.
Pasteis de Nata or Can I be a Cupcake, please? (IMBB no.13) Pasteis de Nata Mar
Ever since I first tried those little delights about a year ago, my muffin tray has rarely seen muffins again – all I’m using it for now are…Pasteis de Nata! Extremely delicious little cup cakes that will…
“Vogerl”- Salad with buffalo mozzarella and roasted seeds Mar
Maybe the watch-out-for-spring-wake-up-call earlier this week triggered my ravenous appetite for some sort of spring salad. One of the quickest, yet most scrumptious salads is one our friend Ulrike created for us on a recent dinner.
Chocolate Heaven chocolate cake Mar
The original recipe tells you, that the cake tastes best on its second day – this is where I disagree. Still slightly warm, this cake just melts in your mouth when you eat it – heavenly. Add some whipped cream, vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream…